Principals - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Sunnydale High had some interesting principals while Buffy attended school there.

First there was Principal Flutie.

Flutie was alright... kinda sorta. Okay maybe not. But well he was a principal. At first he commented to Buffy about letting the past be in the past and he ripped up her school transcripts allowing her to start over again. Well that is until he saw that she burned down the gym at her old place. We never really got to know this principal. He was killed off rather quickly in The Pack when a couple of students ate him. Yes you read that correctly, they ate him.

What are you to do when a bunch of students become hyenas and they're hungry? Exactly. You become dinner. Nom nom nom.

I think Principal Snyder was my favorite in the show. Sure he was basically mean and could be considered evil... but not as evil as the Mayor. Oh no, the Mayer was someone who was much more... evil. But we'll discuss him at a later date and time for sure.

So Principal Snyder comes in after Flutie's demise. He would run the school for the rest of Buffy's High School Career, all the way up until graduation day. Or night as the case may seem. No he didn't last after that though. He was killed on graduation day by the Mayor. See the Mayor was trying to ascend... and well let's face it, he got hungry. So he ate the man. Poor guy. Oh well, I guess once your main stars of the show graduate from high school, you don't need a principal anymore. Good times that one.

Of course Principal Snyder was played by Armin Shimerman, you might recognize his mug from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Yes that Ferengi.