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That Moment

Everyone has a moment here and there. Some have more moments than others. Allow me to explain the moment I am having. I'm having such moments that I simply cannot talk to family about certain things. Being brought up in such a religious background, I am told to stick in line, suck it up and don't even have an independent thought.

I've not been having such independent thoughts until recently.  I'm doing my best to just keep them inside. There isn't a reason to share any of this with family members. I've tried and they shush me and tell me to simply have faith.

So I'll just struggle for as long as I am meant to struggle. I won't be causing any issues within family. They can go on their own merry happy way and I'll just be me.
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Dear Life

You pretty much don't make sense anymore. I once believed in you. I thought you were the best thing ever there was to deal with. Well I think I was wrong. I've tried to play nice, I've tried to be patient. Honestly, what did that ever get me? I'm so confused and conflicted these days. My inner thoughts don't know what to do anymore.

I could continue going about my day to day life wondering if anything will make sense again. We know how that all turned out. Oh yeah it was peachy. Let me tell you all about it. Now? Now it's different. I don't quite know how to say any of this. It's all different and I hate it. I blame you, life, for turning out this way.

Is that an okay thought to have? Probably not. But at this moment I'm just mad. I'd rather not be mad at anything, but you know me! It's been boiling up. Coming up to a boil as it were. I just repeated myself didn't I? Well I'll edit that junk out later. I can do that you know. Edit th…

TV Shows Galore

So, I've been attempting to catch up on some shows. Started watching Supergirl, and The Flash. There's a Green Arrow TV show out there too, but I've yet to dip into it. Thank you Netflix!

What I need to do is get caught back up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. it's been far too long since I've watched any of those.

Good TV. Good times.

Better Together Update - Minecraft

So Mojang put out the Better Together Update.


They changed the name to just "Minecraft" for the non now "Java Edition".


Wait, no, not ok.

I updated to ver 1.2 on my iPad. It constantly crashes. It seems more stable on my iPhone as it hasn't crashed yet.

I started up Minecraft on my linux box. It wanted to update to ver 1.12.2. Okay.

They put "Java Edition" under Minecraft.

No. No Mojang. Bad Mojang. You can't simply rebrand your flagship like that.

Thank goodness I have a resource pack with the original logo in it!

You could have simply called it "Minecraft: Better Together". Couldn't you? I mean that would have been simpler.

Damn you Mojang!

Writing Woes

I've been attempting to write something, anything. A poem, a story, a short story, hell even a small blurb of something. It's not coming out very well and I'm not certain as to why.

It would be nice to be able to just sit down and write something. A fresh idea, something new. Something which hasn't been done before. You know, like original. Why I am unable to do such a thing? I haven't the slightest idea. One would think I'd be able to simply come up with an idea, any idea and just begin writing. Unfortunately all of the things I attempt to write end up at the bottom of the trash with the rest of my ideas.

Maybe I'm just not meant to write?

No. I can't start thinking like that. There are always things to write. So many wonderful things that are just waiting to come out of my fingertips. But alas, I am still unable to figure any of it out as of yet.

One of these days, I will wake up and have just the idea to get me started. Maybe that's all I need.


The Orville

Ah watching The Orville. I like it! Best yet, I don't have to pay CBS all access to watch it like I would have to do with Star Trek: Discovery.


Yeah, it's gonna be a good series. I can tell.