Sunday, September 14, 2014


Oh how an interesting point emotion has come to the mind. It's an annoying point in life. There's no reason to allow emotion to enter your subconsciousness. No reason to allow it into your mind. Why would you allow such a thing into your mind where nothing else will allow it to get into it? Doesn't make any sense now does it?

No, I didn't think so.

Why would you allow such things into your own mind when you are able to allow it to expanse into other regions of your mind. Such events can be repressed into your mind. You are able to experience things where they should not belong.

Yes, they should not belong there. But they are there. What would you do with such a mind thought? What would you do?

Makes no sense to me if you think about it. Perhaps the mind would repress such thoughts. No longer able to be alive.


It would all be gone.

Well Shoot

So I had this idea where it would be found. There's nothing there at the moment. Perhaps if I found a way to figure out exactly what as going on? Well I might perhaps find out what's going on exactly. Saying you want to die? That doesn't mean enough. Everyone wants to die someday. There's nothing to wait for in dying.

If you're just waiting to die... what's the point? Doesn't make any sense now does it? No I didn't think so. Who really wants to die to begin with?

Death is such a ... permanent demise. What exactly happens when you die? So many questions. I do not know what happens.

Maybe if you.... die? Tell me.

Let's talk about writing

Write. Don't look to your left, don't look to your right. Just write. There's nothing else in the world better for you to do. If you have an idea? Write. If you don't have an idea don't write. But still write. Write till your knuckles bleed. Write till your fingers bleed. Write until you have no more other reason. Just write already. What's wrong with writing? If you write your ideas get out. If you write your thoughts get out. When you write your dreams are freed. So write.

Write to see what your dreams come out to be. Write to see what is all out there. See what is out there in your heart. Write. Do it. There's no reason to not write. You must write.

Docking Ports

It's quite amusing... I've been watching Enterprise lately and noticed something. They never have an issue with docking ports. Obviously they make it similar so there isn't time lost in the story telling. But if you were to take things as they should be, as though it were a real world and such. Yeah doesn't make any sense right?

Oh well... I suppose there are times to just allow yourself to get lost in the story and continue on your way.

Just an interesting side not.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Out on a night like this?
How could it be?
How could I miss?

Oh the fun and joy that abound
if only, and only there was but a cloud

To enjoy such a night
a day it may seem
perhaps in my wildest dream

Nothing of late
and nothing too soon
maybe I could be a balloon

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Dead Do Tell Tales

Alex sat at the bottom of his steps in the basement. He wanted to die. Alex wasn't certain what made him want to do this, he always had a charming happy life full of joy. He was married, had a kid with another on the way. It would be an easy choice to stay, Alex had so many things going for him.

Setting the knife down, Alex felt tears rolling down his cheeks. Alex knew the reason why he wanted to die. His wife of twenty years had gone off and had an affair. It was simple as that. Alex didn't see the point in living anymore. Why hang onto someone who didn't want you? That thought had crossed his mind over the course of the past three weeks.

Now at the bottom of the steps he had a decision to make. Alex took a swig of Fireball Whiskey from the bottle sitting next to him on the step. If he did it right, he wouldn't feel pain.

Alex picked the knife up again. Why did she have to cheat, he wondered. Why did she have to run off with some guy? Alex's hands were shaking. His anxiety was getting the better of him. He forced his arms to stop shaking. Taking the knife, Alex ran it along his forearm.

That's when he heard the sound.

A baby cried.

James! Alex's mind screamed. You forgot about James! You can't kill yourself now, you're all he has!

Alex dropped the knife and ran upstairs to where his infant son was laying in the crib. Alex picked up James and soothed him. The boy quieted down almost immediately. James knew when daddy was around, daddy always had a way of soothing him. Alex sat down in a rocking chair and the two fell asleep. Father and son. A disaster was averted for now.

An hour passed. Alex woke up.

After putting his son back down for a nap, Alex burst into tears. His head in his hands, Alex couldn't control the emotions he was feeling. He was angry, sad, furious, and depressed all at once. Surely this wasn't a way to live. Surely this wasn't a way to die.

Jittery Thoughts

Ever have just random thoughts pop into your head? They seem to be rather jittery and you just don't know what to do with them?

Well, instead of having them sit in your head... why not write them down and get them out of your head? You never know where those thoughts will go or what will be made of them! Yes indeed. Thoughts like this can be interesting... who knows, they might be the exact thoughts your next character will be thinking.