Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hello Life

Tis but a simple life
to each their own it comes
sometimes it's better than others
and yet here we all are

A life to be disturbed
and yet to be understood
everything else comes and goes
oh what a life it is

Don't look back
always move forward
maybe it's meant to be
and yet here we are

Friday, June 9, 2017


There are some things in life that are needed the most.

Oxygen is one of those things.

I mean people have to breathe right? You'd think they'd like to breathe. Maybe. I don't know. What if people don't want to breathe? Is that an option? I doubt it. They could adapt to breathing under water, but I'm thinking that would take a bit of doing. Humans don't grow gills over night. Well, I don't think they do at least. Maybe they do? Maybe they don't.

It's a thing.

If people were meant to breathe under water, they would have grown gills. Lots of gills. So many gills they could survive without any problem with having water hit their lungs.

Oxygen is a must.

Can't survive without it.

Can't be in space without it.

It's a must.

Keep the musts in order. You can't do without them.

There's no reason to find a way around it.

Dear Friday

There should be more fridays in the world. Not in a year, but a week. Which I suppose could be said they would be in a year as well. Whatever.

Life is good. Life is amazing. Wonderful things that don't matter have a way of coming about and then you are destroyed beyond anything that happens.

That's life.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

To Blog... That Is The Question

I had begun this year with high hopes of blogging every single day. Well it hasn't happened. Here we are with the year half over and here I am with only a handful of posts down for the year. There's something wrong. Either with my thinking, or with some kind of thought process that made me believe I would actually do it.

I have no schedule for blogging my thoughts to the world. They just pop out in the form of tweets, or through my tumblr account. YouTube videos come to mind as well. But what am I actually doing with all of this media that is meant to be social? Is it an experiment put on by those in higher powers? Is it simply an attempt to see how far they could get people to be so removed from other people that they form friendships on the internet? Everyone being in their own separate bubble away from everyone else so they can meet in chatrooms to discuss politics, what's great on TV these days?

Doesn't sound that exciting does it.

Yet here we are day in and day out doing that exact thing.

An interesting thought.

Don't get me wrong, people on the internet are people. I should know, I'm one of them. The feelings are real. The friendships are real. Everything is real.

Yet I wonder...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017