Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Darkness overshadowed the land
day no longer consumed me
night had set in

There are things worse than this
I keep saying to myself
things that words cannot speak

Creatures come out
during the night
for that's when they feed

They feed on dreams
fears and the dead
feeding always eternally

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Satan's Den

He looked at her, their eyes met... Jim didn't want things to end at least not this way. Reaching out to her, he called after the woman he loved.

"Joan! I'll be back!"

It was too late, she was gone. Down deep into the Earth. Her expedition had started. Deep into the Earth's core she would roam until her mission was complete.

Jim fell backwards. He could not follow her down into Satan's den. Weeping, he wished he could follow Joan and the rest as they made their journey.

He had a chance months ago, but didn't take the steps necessary.

Alas it was too late.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...

Oh Snoopy, you always managed to start off your stories with "It was a dark and stormy night" didn't you? But I never saw you get anywhere with that! You should have added some zing to your writing... or was Woodstock always just bugging you?

Your adventures with the Red Baron were wonderfully scripted.

And your master Charlie Brown always took good care of you.

You were a loving dog Snoopy.

Damn I miss those comics.

Monday, July 21, 2014


To obtain a goal one must work for it.

You must harbor within yourself all you can.

At the right moment you will unleash it out into the world.

What a beautiful sight that will be!

The day you take your freedom.

Let's see if this works

I was trying to post my blog to twitter again, but something went broken and it just didn't work.

So I'm trying twibble out now. We'll see if it works... I hope it works. If it doesn't work? Well... I suppose we'll be back to the drawing board now won't we?

I know people just love to read blog posts from a penguin. I mean honestly... who wouldn't?

A Dream

Ah to dream
to live in a place
full of wonder

To be awake
and yet asleep
all at once

Where wishes
do come true
beyond imagination

To dream of a time
where life is simple
people are at peace

Yes, that is a dream
a dream for all
to be at peace with another

Sleep... what good is it?

They say early to bed early to rise is a good thing. Whoever they are? Sleep. Yes I'm talking about sleep. What's the point of sleep if you have problems sleeping to begin with?

Bought some new pillows. Only one of them is used. Well the dog uses one so I suppose that counts as use right? Maybe it does... maybe it doesn't I don't know. King size pillows... did I mention they rock?

So I propped my foot up on one of the pillows last night to elevate it. I swear I didn't get to sleep for a good three hours. It took that long to just get comfortable.

My leg is down again today. Go figure. Have to sit up in a chair. Can't work from a laying down position... however maybe if I put my leg up on the end of my desk? Yes... maybe that would work.

But what I'm trying to get at is, yes sleep is good if you can get some. If you have the ability to actually sleep. If you can't? Well then you're just out of luck now aren't ya? Yeah that's what I was thinking.